Hello and Welcome to our website! Here at the Spoken Relief Therapy Center, we are a diverse
collection of Clinical Therapists here to serve many of your Mental Health Therapy needs! 

We offer an array of services including:

  • Individual and Family Therapy
  • Relationship and Marital Counseling
  • Co-Parenting and Anger Management Certificate Programs

What makes us different or unique from other Counseling Practices?

Our therapist has an array of diversity and experience with patients of various stages in their life and the therapist himself has worked with Urban/ Suburban Adolescents with Behavior/Conduct issues , Individuals diagnosed Intellectual Disability Disorder and those receiving inpatient services in Psychiatric Hospital setting. His methodology includes utilization and exploration of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self. At the conclusion of each session, expect homework assignments, challenges, and other modification/adaptive skill development exercises.

Sessions Offered

Individual Therapy- 1:1

Individual Therapy

1:1 Therapy with the patient and Clinician

Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Therapy that involves the entire family

Relationship/ Marital Counseling:

Relationship/Marital Counseling
Couples who may want to improve, strengthen, or even dissolve their relationship (Sexual Orientation IS NOT AND WILL NOT BE AN ISSUE)

Co-Parenting Certificate Program

Co-Parenting Certificate Program

Series of ten (10) sessions to improve communication and collaboration between parents. A Certificate will be given after completion of the program.

Anger Management Certificate Program

Anger Management Certificate Program

Series of ten (10) sessions to address Trigger identification and the use of appropriate Behavioral Response. A Certificate will be given after completion of the program.


“Charles helped me forgive myself. It was the hard for me to do understand that I could actually control my happiness “

“As a Black man, there aren’t many professional who can understand my perspective nor my frustration. Glad I found Charles to help manage my anxiety “

“My husband and I were on the brink of divorce. Charles helped us recognize our own insecurities, rebuild our trust and remove the toxic people from our marriage “